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英语高中作文 篇1

Today, when I went home after school, I saw the delicious snack, so I wanted to buy one of the snacks, then I could not find my wallet, I searched it many times, at last, I had to admit that my wallet was lost. I felt so worried, so I turned back to find my wallet, I watched the road carefully, suddenly, a black dog was in front of me, I felt so scared. The hog yelled at me, so I ran, the dog run after me, I run into the shop and got rid of the dog. I have to went home because of it was dark, my mother came out and told me I forget to bring my wallet, how stupid I am.

英语高中作文 篇2

I read a piece of news recently. It says that in Japan marly businessmen ave selling fresh air to customers.and now it is becoming more and more popular. Why--Fresh air is getting less and less in Japan, and so is it in the U. S. A.

In fact, environmental pollution is a very serious problem the whole world is facing. it is mainly caused by the waste products released from artificial substances, industrial production and increased consumption of goods. Bedsides, the use of chemical substances in agriculture also causes environmental pollution. Look at the sky, you can see that dense smoke is being released from the high and big chimneys; those dirty and poisonous substances are flowing into the rivers that we use for drinking water and millions of tons of waste products are heaping around us.How to change this conditionMore and more countries are trying to work out some effective means to bring it under control, but no great success has been made.

英语高中作文 篇3

one day on my way home from school, i saw an old woman standing by the roadside①, with a heavy bag on her back. she seemed very worried. i went up to ask her what the matter was. the granny② told me that she had just come from the countryside to see her son, who worked in the steel works. as she had never been here before, she did not know the way to the factory. so i took her there. there was really a lot of difficulty in finding her son's place. the granny and her son were very thankful to me.

i got home very late, tired and hungry, but i felt happy, for i had done a good deed for the people.

英语高中作文 篇4

water is very important for living things. without water there can be no life on earth. all animals and plants need water. man also needs water.

water is found atmosteverywhere. even in the driest part of the world there is some water in the air.

as we all have found out, water may be a solid, or a liquid or a gas.when it isa solid, it may be as hard as brick, when itis a liquid, you can pour it out of a container. when it is a gas, you cannot see or feel it.

although about 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water,there are many places in the world still running out of water. so we should make good use of water on earth.

Water is very important to us. if you don’t have water for three days, you will die. we can use water for flowers, swimming, washing and many different things. we use it to cook, make electricity, put out fires and so on. we use millions of liters of water every day.

Do you know how does the water come to your home? it travels through water pipes. some are long and wide but some are short and narrow. then the water travels through the water pipes to the reservoirs. then it travels through the water pipes to the river and to the special factories that purify the water. when the water is purified, we can drink it. please don’t leave garbage in the water on which we line, and keep the water clean.

英语高中作文 篇5

This journal is introducing Song Qin Ling, she was born in 1893, and she grew up in a wealthy family in Shang Hai. Because the family she grew up with, and it gives her the opportunities to be well educated and went to America to study. She is easy approachable person. She is interested creating "Chinese women and Children Association", and she did succeed. She is the founder of "Chinese Welfare Association". She also works hard and fought for human right, democratic, and peace. She is such a great women that everyone remembering her, because of what she has done for public welfare, society, and the people around the world. We will never forget her and she is always living in our memory.

英语高中作文 篇6

The great writer gorky once said: "books are the ladder of human progress." "He spoke such a truth: actually the human to hard climbing, climbing a ladder of books. The books are made of ladder above, is a resplendent and magnificent palace of knowledge, therefore, we must try to climb, to learn from.

Human knowledge to create wealth, as the vast ocean, extensive and profound. People often think of elementary school, middle school and university studies described as the "everybody" on climbing, in the "university" swim in. So, we should read more books and books to purify the mind, in the book knowledge to enrich themselves.

In our life, if always too passively reading, tend to be less than the pleasure of reading. With a scholarly paper, open a little tenderness, and then quietly looked at the text as time moves slip from your eyes... At this time, you will feel that reading is a matter of how to make people happy! Reading is a kind of mood, the elegant comfortable is the best psychological reagent. Go to the reading, you will have more found.

Read more books, read good books. Due to a selective reading of the book of knowledge also should have choice to adopt, is the so-called take its essence.




英语高中作文 篇7

Nowadays,high school students hold different opinions about after-class activities.there are two quite different phenomenonena.

Some students are crazy about sports and some other activities.they spend much time in joining the outdoor activities and varies of groups , and also,making new friends.However,they pay a little attention to their studies.

On the contrary, some students spend almost of their time in studies and don't enjoy attending other activities.

In my opinion,I think neither of them is correct.I think we should study hard,but we also need time to relax ourselves,because if a one in a good state,he can do better.

英语高中作文 篇8

How’s it going? I’m Zhang Hua。 I’m a student in No。1 middle school。 I have been studying English for 4 years。 And I can talk to a native speaker in English。

In the school, I always talk to my classmates in English。 You know it’s good for my English speaking。 Of course, I try to listen to the teacher carefully。 After school, I often read some English magazines newspapers。 Sometimes I learn some English songs。 It can improve my English grades。

Except this way ,I hope I can try another way to improve my English。 So I want to take part in the summer camp。 So I want to ask you some questions。 Could you tell me when the summer camp will start where the summer camp hold? Then I want to know how money I should pay for the summer camp? At last ,could you tell me some requirements?

Good luck to you。

英语高中作文 篇9

Roth is a designer in an America bottle factory. One day, his girlfriend wore a skirt, which was a little narrow above the part of the knee and the waist is very attractive.

On the way she came to see him, people look back to appreciate this skirt frequently.

Roth was attracted by the skirt and he felt very nice by its line increasingly.

He thought it may be a good market if he followed this skirt shape into bottles. So he turned back and ran to the design room and began to draw up.

After the bottle was manufactured, the bottle not only has a beautiful appearance, but also the actual capacity looked more that it should be.

It wasn't long before; the United States Coco Cola Company was interested in the bottle and bought the patent at the high price of $6000000.

There are not necessary associations between the skirts and bottles. However, if you make use of abundant thinking, you will have a surprising harvest.

英语高中作文 篇10

Dear Mom and Dad,

The time has come: I’m graduating, and I thank you both for all your help during these 15 years. I still remember when you guys used to say, “You can be whatever you want.” I’m so glad you are my parents, especially when I hear kids say they don’t get along with theirs. I’m glad we do, and that you support me in my decisions. You always try to help, and that’s important to me.

Dad, I remember when you first took me fishing. I loved going even though I never caught anything. I also remember when you would get mad at me. I realize you were only trying to show me the right way. When I would cry, you would always be there to try to cheer me up. That’s what I call a good, loving, caring dad. Sometimes you and Mom don’t agree with the decisions I make, but you are there by my side in whatever I do, and that’s why I love you both so much.

Mom, we have our girls night out every Friday and I hope that never changes, even when I am in college. I love telling you everything; the best part about you is that you listen. Not only do you have great style, but you love to have fun, and Dad does, too. You always give me your opinion and I listen. And when I don’t, you are usually right!

I thank God every day that you are my parents and that you guys brought me up right. I’m very fortunate having the two of you by me side when some kids don’t have this kind of relationship with their parents. It makes me know how lucky I am that you two are still together and get along so well. That’s what makes you both so special to me and I take in every moment that I get with you guys. Love always,